Adimab can work with almost any format.

Adimab has worked on many different bispecific formats but has focused its efforts on three primary areas:

  • IgG-based Bispecifics around a Common Light Chain
    • Desirable biophysical and biochemical properties inherent to full-length IgGs
    • Use of a common LC (cLC) greatly simplifies development by eliminating the potential for HC:LC mispairing
    • Discovery of two new specificities utilizing our large naïve cLC IgG libraries
    • Discovery of a second binding specificity utilizing an LC from an existing partner antibody
  • ScFv-based Bispecifics
    • ScFvs are utilized in a wide variety of clinical bispecific constructs but have a reputation for causing manufacturing challenges during development
    • Adimab generates stable scFvs from IgGs or engineers stability into existing scFvs with known biophysical liabilities
    • Ability to incorporate and optimize scFv in the final bispecific format
  • CD3-based Bispecifics
    • Adimab has a suite of novel, proprietary human/cyno cross-reactive CD3 antibodies
    • Available in a range of affinities for fine tuned T cell redirected cytotoxicity
    • Can be used in bispecifics as either Fabs or scFvs
    • Adimab generates bispecific panels for partners and/or offers a non-exclusive license for use at partner site
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