Corporate Overview

Adimab uses its leading antibody discovery technology to provide the biopharmaceutical industry with unprecedented quality and speed from target to therapeutic lead.

Adimab was founded in 2007 by Dr. Tillman Gerngross, Dr. Dane Wittrup and Errik Anderson. The three founders bring together world-class yeast biotechnology and financial innovation to create the most advanced and comprehensive antibody discovery platform in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Gerngross is a full professor at Dartmouth College, the co-founder of six biotechnology companies including GlycoFi, Inc. (acquired by Merck & Co. in 2006), Arsanis, Alector and Avitide, and he led the humanization effort to engineer yeast for the production of human glycoproteins. Dr. Wittrup is a full professor at MIT, a co-founder of BioDisplay Technologies (acquired by Abbot Laboratories in 2001), a co-founder of Eleven Biotherapeutics, and he pioneered yeast surface display for the discovery and maturation of antibody fragments. Mr. Anderson is the co-founder of Arsanis and Compass Therapeutics and he has advised or co-founded numerous technology companies.

Our antibody discovery technology is leading the biopharmaceutical industry with unrivaled quality and speed from target to therapeutic molecule. Our goal is to create long-term value with top tier pharmaceutical companies as well as highly innovative biotechnology companies that share our passion for bringing best in class molecules to patients quickly. For example, with Merrimack we discovered a panel of antibodies meeting desired project criteria within a few months. This allowed our partner to file an IND within 18 months, and dose their first patient about two years after initiating the project - an unprecedented timeline for de novo drug discovery.

Our partners choose their own targets and effectively control the development of their leads. By working closely with our partners, we have discovered antibodies for a wide variety of therapeutic targets within many disease areas, including:

  • Oncology
  • Immunomodulation
  • Inflammation
  • Neuroscience and Pain
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic disease
  • Infectious disease

We are a service-oriented technology company that works with our partners to discover best in class molecules with the goal of long-term, joint value creation. Our dedication to customer service extends from initial discovery projects through technology transfers to our customers’ research facilities, enabling their scientists to have direct access to our technology. We strive to be your partner of choice for all antibody discovery needs.