Max Vásquez Ph.D. Joins Adimab as Senior Director of Computational Biology

July 09, 2007 Lebanon, NH PDF

Adimab, Inc., a biotech startup developing an integrated yeast-based antibody discovery, maturation and biomanufacturing platform, announced today the appointment of Dr. Max Vásquez as Senior Director of Computational Biology.

Dr. Vásquez had served in the position of Senior Director, Research at PDL Pharma, Inc., Freemont, CA, where he was involved in all efforts of antibody discovery, including antibody humanization, antibody engineering, bioinformatics, target validation, and preclinical development. More recently he founded Bocaracá Consulting, Palo Alto, CA a healthcare consulting practice focused on antibody discovery and engineering. Dr. Vásquez has over 15 years of experience in all aspects of therapeutic antibody discovery and development.

“We are delighted to have someone of Max’s stature join to head our Computational Biology efforts,” said Dane Wittrup, MIT professor and Adimab co-founder with Tillman Gerngross. “Max has a deep understanding of antibody sequence/function relationships, and broad experience in the computational design of human antibody pharmaceuticals. The computational capabilities he is developing will be a critical component of the Adimab discovery platform.”

“I am excited to join such an excellent team; Tillman and Dane laid the foundation for an antibody discovery platform where computational approaches have been integrated in a way that will add signifi cantly to the end result,” noted Dr. Vásquez. “The technology being developed has a real chance to transform the entire therapeutic antibody field.”

About Adimab, Inc.

Adimab is changing the discovery, maturation and production of therapeutic human antibodies. By integrating all aspects of antibody discovery and developing sophisticated screening methods, Adimab can rapidly select for high affinity antibodies that also behave well in a formulation and manufacturing context. Our proprietary library design and presentation technology allows us to discover full-length human antibodies with broad epitope coverage and high affinity faster than any current technology.


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