Adimab and DNA2.0 Enter Exclusive Antibody Discovery Relationship

September 17, 2007 Lebanon, NH PDF

Adimab, Inc., a pioneer in the integration of antibody discovery, maturation and biomanufacturing and DNA2.0, Inc. (Menlo Park, CA), the largest U.S. supplier of synthetic DNA today announce a strategic alliance in the area of Antibody Discovery.

The two companies have entered into an exclusive agreement to jointly develop and produce proprietary antibody libraries that replicate the human immune system’s ability to produce antibodies against any target.

“We did extensive diligence on the leading gene synthesis companies and DNA2.0 had an impeccable reputation amongst its customers. Their ability to work with us on the integration of all aspects of gene synthesis and library design was a major driver in this relationship,” says Dane Wittrup, Adimab co-founder and Professor at MIT.

“Adimab brings a disruptive and novel approach to antibody discovery that has the potential to change the way we discover therapeutic antibodies in the future. We wanted to be part of that exciting development,” says Jeremy Minshull, DNA2.0 co-founder and President.

For more information, visit DNA2.0’s Partners.

About Adimab, Inc.

Adimab is changing the discovery, maturation and production of therapeutic human antibodies. By integrating all aspects of antibody discovery and developing sophisticated screening methods, Adimab can rapidly select for high affinity antibodies that also behave well in a formulation and manufacturing context. Our proprietary library design and presentation technology allows us to discover full-length human antibodies with broad epitope coverage and high affinity faster than any current technology.

About DNA2.0

DNA2.0 is the largest US provider of synthetic genes, serving customers globally in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as in academia. The company is also pioneering the application of machine learning to commercial protein engineering through their ProteinGPS™ platform. For more information please visit DNA2.0.


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Adimab, Inc.
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DNA2.0, Inc.
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