Adimab Annouces Scientific Advisory Board members

November 01, 2007 Lebanon, NH PDF

Adimab, Inc. today announced the initial members of the company’s scientific advisory board. Appointments include:

  • Professor Stan Fields of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the University of Washington
  • Professor James D. Marks of the University of California
  • Professor Bruce Tidor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“We are delighted to benefit from the deep experience and counsel of these outstanding scientists, whose expertise relates well to Adimab’s efforts to utilize yeast as a single platform for antibody discovery, optimization and expression,” said Dane Wittrup, Adimab Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, Member of the Office of the Chief Scientific Officer, and Co-founder.

He continued, “Professor Fields, the most recent addition to the SAB, has made seminal contributions to yeast molecular biotechnology and brings a breadth of experience on protein interactions in yeast to our discovery effort. Professor Marks is a foundational pioneer in antibody engineering, and is doing some of the most exciting current work in the fields of tumor targeting and toxin neutralization. Similarly, Professor Tidor is a thought leader in the field of protein biophysics, and is developing some of the most advanced computational design algorithms available.”

About Adimab, Inc.

Adimab is changing the discovery, maturation and production of therapeutic human antibodies. By integrating all aspects of antibody discovery and developing sophisticated screening methods, Adimab can rapidly select for high affinity antibodies that also behave well in formulation and manufacturing context. Our proprietary library design and presentation technology allows us to discover full-length human antibodies with broad epitope coverage and high affinity faster than any current technology.


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