Adimab can improve almost any antibody, regardless of how it was discovered.
Optimization takes about 8 weeks.

Our optimization starts with one or more lead antibodies that have been shown to have the desired biological properties, such as inhibition of signaling, neutralization of toxin, or internalization. These leads may come from Adimab’s naïve discovery process, or from other partner sources such as murine hybridoma, transgenic animals, or phage display. The optimization process is based on several complementary techniques that introduce targeted diversity into the antibody sequence. The process typically takes 8 weeks and is designed to turn a good antibody into a best in class molecule.

We are able to improve or refine any of the following properties during the optimization process:

  • Affinity, typically into the low picomolar range
  • Specificity, e.g. increase binding to homolog A while reducing binding to homolog B
  • Developability, e.g. reduction in aggregation propensity
  • Expressibility
  • Species cross-reactivity, e.g. equal affinity between murine, cyno and human target
  • Poly-reactivity, e.g. decrease in off target binding
  • Melting temperature
  • Elimination of amino acid motifs that are sensitive to post-translational modifications, e.g. deamination, glycosylation, free cysteines