We have helped our partners advance over 60 drugs into the clinic.

Funded Discovery

Adimab antibody discovery typically involves you, our partner, designating a therapeutic target and Adimab deploying its proprietary technology to discover and optimize antibodies against that target. Each campaign is built on a series of discovery and optimization cycles and results in delivery of antibodies for lead selection. Data are shared every four weeks, giving insight into the progress of the program, and enabling our antibody engineers to collaborate with your scientists to focus the discovery process on those leads that have the desired biological readout.

The Adimab Platform selects and screens for antibodies that meet the strictest quality standards for developability in the industry. By employing sophisticated selection strategies and analytical tools, we eliminate IgGs with poor developability early in the discovery process.

In as little as four months, you will receive full length, fully human IgG protein along with a data package providing substantial insight into the quality and biophysical properties of the discovered antibodies. A significant part of the timeline involves the extensive characterization of the antibodies you receive. This helps your scientists make data-driven decisions on the best antibodies to move forward for lead selection. The data package typically includes affinity measurements to soluble and cell surface antigens across multiple species (human, cyno, mouse), protein sequence, molecular mass (by mass spectrometry), epitope binning information, poly-reactivity and specificity data, Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC), sequence analysis, Tm by Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF), and additional assays upon request.

In addition to the human IgG1 protein that is produced in our proprietary yeast strain, we also have high throughput capabilities to generate antibodies and bispecifics in CHO cells in quantities up to 100 mg. While the material produced in the Adimab yeast strain is of high quality and suitable for most early-stage assays, expressing the final leads in a mammalian system aids in our deep developability assessment for selecting a lead therapeutic candidate.

Platform Transfer

An Adimab Platform transfer involves the full implementation of our technology at a partner’s site, including the transfer of unique libraries, software, and know-how to discover and optimize therapeutic leads. We provide onsite training at Adimab’s training facility and at our partner’s site to fully enable our partner’s scientists to use the Adimab Platform. To date the Adimab Platform has been transferred to GSK, Biogen, Novo Nordisk, Merck, Eli Lilly and Takeda.

Each partner receives a custom IgG library built exclusively for them, dramatically reducing the risk of two partners finding the same antibody against the same target. Our partners typically have the right to use these libraries on all target types and in any disease area without gatekeeping. Partners also receive Adimab’s proprietary yeast strain with over 20 genetic modifications that improve transformation efficiency, IgG quality and expression. In addition, partners will receive optimization libraries, vectors, and detailed protocols to run the platform.

Enablement on the platform starts in a dedicated training lab at Adimab. Wet lab and classroom sessions cover the basics of antibody discovery (selection for affinity, cross-reactivity, and ligand competition and elimination of poly-reactivity), high-throughput expression and purification of IgGs, and protein analytics (including binding kinetics, IgG quality, and stability). Following basic training, the dedicated platform transfer team travels to the partner site to complete a full campaign with the partner on a target of its choice. The completion of the onsite training is just the beginning of the ongoing support and attention our partners receive.

The ability to easily and quickly compare different data sets for a given IgG or across IgGs is essential to picking leads efficiently. To facilitate this process, Adimab’s database and workflow manager can be installed at a partner’s site along with the necessary training to ensure that our partners can efficiently process data and communicate across teams. Adimab’s proprietary software allows our partners to track all aspects of their antibody discovery campaigns including: selection outputs and clonal lineages, request assays, store and analyze data, including sequence, affinity, developability data, binning information, and more.