Platform Overview
You can expect to have antibodies in hand within weeks.
You can expect broad epitopic diversity.
Every one of our antibodies expresses well in mammalian cells.
Our antibodies meet the highest developability standards.
If you have a good antibody we can always make it better.
We discover and optimize best in class fully human IgGs.
We discover and optimize bi-specifics that meet the highest developability standards.

In 2007, Adimab launched the pharma industry’s premier antibody discovery and optimization technology. Leveraging several decades of research in the labs of yeast biotechnology pioneers Dane Wittrup (MIT) and Tillman Gerngross (Dartmouth), Adimab has established an entirely new standard in human antibody discovery and optimization.

Adimab’s technology is designed around clearly articulated performance metrics. Adimab integrates all aspects of antibody discovery, from human library design to bio-manufacturing. The Adimab yeast has been extensively engineered to transport high quality, whole IgGs through the secretory pathway, and then present them on the surface (selection mode) or secrete them directly into the medium (secretion mode) thereby obviating the need for reformatting between discovery and production. Adimab delivers a broad panel of fully human, full-length, monoclonal antibodies to its partners that are superior to the output from any other platform.

The key advantages of the Adimab platform are:

  • Accelerated development timelines from target to fully human therapeutic antibodies (functional assays within weeks)
  • Superior clonal and epitopic diversity
  • Improved quality and expressibility of IgGs
  • No need for reformatting between selection and production of full length IgGs
  • Selection technologies that discriminate relevant aspects of antibody quality and function during the discovery process

Adimab’s platform has the ability to select for key properties in real-time:

  • Epitopic diversity
  • Binding affinity
  • Intrinsic developability
  • Poly-reactivity
  • Species cross-reactivity
  • Expressibility
  • Ligand competition

Unlike other in vitro platforms, Adimab’s process directly selects for drug like properties including expressibility and solubility.