How to Work with Adimab
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Adimab Antibody Discovery typically involves you, our partner, designating one or more therapeutic targets and Adimab deploying its proprietary technology to discover and optimize:

  • Human monoclonal antibodies
  • Bispecific antibodies
  • Human monoclonal antibodies optimized for antibody drug conjugates (ADC)

Upon initiation of a discovery campaign, Adimab will typically deliver therapeutic leads within 8 weeks. Each campaign is built on a series of discovery and optimization cycles, each taking approximately 4 weeks from antigen to biological readout. Data are generated and shared in real time, giving insight into the progress of the program. This enables our antibody engineers to collaborate with your scientists to focus the discovery process on those leads that have the desired biological readout.

Delivery and Characterization

By the end of ~ 8 weeks you will receive 400 μg of full length, fully human IgG1 protein, produced in our proprietary yeast strain. Each delivery comes with an extensive analytical package. Larger quantities of yeast produced IgG are available if necessary. Up to 1 g of mammalian produced IgG can also be provided upon request.

The Adimab Platform selects and screens for antibodies that meet the strictest quality standards for antibody developability in the industry. By employing sophisticated selection strategies and analytical tools, we have the ability to eliminate IgGs with poor developability early in the discovery process.

The data package accompanying each delivery provides extensive insight into the quality and biophysical properties of the discovered antibodies, helping your scientists make data driven decisions on the best antibodies to move forward for lead selection. The data package typically includes:

  • Affinity measurements to:
    • Soluble antigens using BLI and/or solution based methods
    • Cell surface antigens using flow cytometry
  • Protein sequence
  • Molecular mass by mass spectrometry
  • Epitopic binning
  • Poly-reactivity and specificity data
  • Sequence analysis including estimated pI
  • Tm by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Aggregation by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)
  • Cross Interaction Chromatography (CIC)
  • Production titer at small scale (in yeast)
  • Additional assays may be added upon request

Antibody production in mammalian cells
In addition to the human IgG1 protein that is manufactured in our proprietary yeast strain, we also have high throughput capabilities to manufacture antibodies in HEK293 or CHO cells. While the material produced in the Adimab yeast strain is of high quality and suitable for most early stage assays, we recommend expressing the final leads in a mammalian system for ultimate therapeutic manufacturing and development.

Adimab can provide material expressed in mammalian cells to our Therapeutic Discovery Partners in quantities up to 1 g. As with the yeast material, an extensive data package accompanies each delivery.

For more information about antibody discovery, please contact

An Adimab Platform Transfer involves the full implementation of our technology at a partner’s site, including: transfer of libraries, software, and know-how to discover and optimize therapeutic leads. We provide on-site training at Adimab’s dedicated training facility and at our partner’s site to fully enable our partner’s scientists to use the Adimab platform.

Libraries and Yeast Strains
Each partner receives a custom IgG library built exclusively for them. This dramatically reduced the risk of two partners finding the same antibody against the same target. Our partners typically have the right to use these libraries on all target types and in any disease area without any gatekeeping. Partners also receive Adimab’s proprietary yeast strain that has over 20 genetic modifications to improve IgG expression, transformation efficiency and secretion. In addition, partners will receive optimization libraries, vectors, and detailed protocols to run the platform upon transfer.

The ability to easily and quickly compare different data sets for a given IgG or across IgGs is essential to picking leads efficiently. Adimab has built a custom database that allows our partners to request assays, track, store, and analyze data, including the following:

  • Parsing of IgGs sequences into framework and CDR regions
  • Germline assignment
  • Affinity data including graphical representations
  • Flow cytometry data including graphical representations
  • Tracking of clonal lineages
  • Ability to request assays from internal departments

Upon request, the Adimab database and workflow manager can be installed at a partner’s site along with the necessary training to ensure that our partners can efficiently process data and communicate across teams.

Enablement on the platform starts in a dedicated training lab at Adimab. Wet lab and classroom sessions cover the basics of Antibody Discovery, High Throughput Expression, and Protein Analytics. Following basic training, the dedicated platform transfer team travels to the partner site to complete a full campaign with the partner on a target of their choice. Typical areas of interest covered during training include the following:

  • Selection for affinity, cross-reactivity, or ligand competition
  • Elimination of poly-reactivity
  • Rigorous analytical assessment, including kinetics, quality, and stability
  • High throughput automated expression and purification of IgGs

The completion of the onsite training is just the beginning of the ongoing support and attention our partner teams receive.

For more information about platform transfers, please contact

Open Innovation
Adimab’s Open Innovation Program empowers leading academic investigators to access our best in class therapeutic antibody discovery and protein engineering capabilities. By establishing direct research collaborations with leading academic investigators, we generate molecules that help to advance basic research and ultimately benefit patients.

Adimab has established itself as a leader in the antibody discovery industry and we are making significant investments to stay on the forefront of our field. As such, we are continuously evaluating complementary technologies that either improve or augment our capabilities. Such technologies may include:

  • Antigen presentation technologies
  • Fc engineering approaches
  • Site-specific protein modification technologies
  • Mammalian expression systems
  • Bispecific constructs

For more information about Open Innovation and In-Licensing please contact: